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  1. Carriep  on February 25th, 2009

    I went to college at U of M, in Ann Arbor, and lived mere seconds away from Blimpy Burger.

    This is a great, greasy burger joint, and I mean that in the most complimentary way. The focus is the burgers, which you can get single, double, triple, quad, or quint. Patties are small, slider-style, and you can see them flatten out the balls of meat and cook them right in front of you.

    The toppings for the burgers are delicious and varied. You can get the standards, but also a half dozen different kinds of cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms, and the piece de resistance, a fried egg.

    Side dishes are fried things, veggies, fries, mushrooms, which are cooked to order.

    The other fun thing at Blimpy is the large selection of old-fashioned sodas, mostly root beers.

    Blimpy is also known for its, if not rude, direct service. They won’t kick you out of line if you order wrong, but it’s best to know what you want before you get asked so as not to annoy the people working the counter. Also try to let the grillmaster ask the questions.

    You should have enough time to figure out your order while you wait in line. You’ll wait 10 minutes, at least, normally, closer to 20 on a weekend. But it is so, so delicious, and worth the wait.

    If you are lucky enough to be there in the winter after a snow’s fallen, you can see the polar bear (Blimpy’s mascot) snow sculptures.

    One last thing: Everybody calls it Blimpy, but the full name is “Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger,” to separate it from the “Blimpie” chain sub shop of the same name. These are not the same place, not by a long shot. Once you have your first Blimpy burger, you’ll understand why.


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